The Rainbow Web: Mobile devices using for journalists – Francisco J. Barrera (1001 medios)

The Web is not dead but you can work without the Web. You, as journalist who lives in the XXI century, have three levels to choose: smart phones, tablets and laptops. But be careful, each level & device means diferent ways of working: to be connected just surfing or creating content. Let me tell you why and explain you the better way to be a journalist in The Real Time Internet.

Information about the speaker
Javier F. Barrera is journalist at Vocento, the largest Media & Internet company in Spain. He started working 23 years ago in this company.
Javier has spent one year (june 2010-now) visiting as teacher & consultor Vocento´s regional newspapers all over Spain for the integration process web+print.
He works as Multimedia Editor at Ideal de Granada , Founder of 1001 Medios , a Media Lab for
Journalists. His blog is Periodismo al Pil Pil