15th June




Joshua Williams - Microsoft

Joshua Williams:

Joshua Williams spends time, passion and energy working on making software development better for the Microsoft Lync Client Team. He is involved in Microsoft’s Productivity Games Departmen. Over the past 17 years, he has contributed to shipping several versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Lync and now Microsoft Office. Across releases, projects, technologies and teams, Joshua has had the opportunity to be a leader, manager and individual contributor. Most recently, Joshua has helped coordinate feedback from our own engineering team using the next release of Microsoft Office. Joshua participates in many communities within Microsoft ranging from the perspectives of Senior Test Engineers to the burgeoning group of Data Scientists working to improve software development. Along with this, Joshua enjoys mentoring and encouraging junior engineers to take on new challenges and projects, helping them to find their own passions.



Mark Barlet - Able Gamers Foundation

Mark Barlet:

Mr. Barlet is the co-founder, and current president of the AbleGamers Foundation. After High School he joined the United States Air Force, and became a Medical Laboratory Technician, specializing in clinical microbiology. While in the military Mark had an accident that ended his military career and is now incomplete paraplegic. After his discharge from the military he pursued his Masters in Information Systems and started his new life in the IT field. In 2003 a close personal friend was finding gaming difficult because of Multiple Sclerosis. Knowing his own struggles with being disabled, along with that of his friend, the importance of gaming to people with disabilities became crystal clear, and the mission of the AbleGamers Foundation was born.

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Courtney Guertin –


Courtney Guertin:

* Born in Minnesota
* Studied Computer Science & Japanese at the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology
* First job was a start up in MN called Archemedia where we built vertical CRMs
* Had my first startup called SimplyHR which over time turned into EnrollEASE. Now profitable insurance enrollment company. (Many lessons learned while starting my first company).
* Moved to San Francisco, CA to work at
* Left to create iPhone apps which lead to
* Co-Founder & CTO of

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Felix Kjellberg - Pewdiepie

Felix Kjellberg:

Pewdiepie opened his YouTube profile on April 29th 2010. He is from Sweden he is good at doing voice overs. He has multiple series going on. He has a good amount of fans or Bros as he calls them. He has multiple series going on, most of them being horror games.Pewdiepie also does Coop and other games. He has recently hit 300 videos milestone and made a special video featuring top 10 of his most scared moments in gaming.Pewdies Girlfriend also sometimes heard in videos. He is know for his Screaming and stupidity in gaming. His full name is Felix Kjellberg. He is also a Machinima Respawn Director.
He Just reached at about 730,000 subscribers.


Panel Discussion: “Basque Country in the way of Game Industry”

Raúl Otaolea – Basquegame

John Bolduan – Gestionet

Thomas Komair - Digipen Europe



Christian Lönnholm - MuchDifferent


Christian Lönnholm:

Christian Lönnholm is the CEO of MuchDifferent, a Swedish company recognized for its unparalleled achievements within networking technology and software engineering. Christian has been the manager of MuchDifferent since the very beginning. But Christian’s path to becoming the CEO of MuchDifferent is an interesting one, and telling of an individual always been steering towards challenges. He has worked as a bomb technician for the Swedish army, been in charge of project management systems at several engineering companies and as a documentary filmmaker for Finnish television.

When MuchDifferent was founded in 2008, it was founded on the principal to do only that that would change the world of engineering in a fundamental way - otherwise it would not be something worth their attention. Since then MuchDifferent have released a series of products that have changed the way the video game industry make online games, at the same time they have done remarkable things for the field of signal processing and signal analysis.

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Kafe Antzokia
San Vicente, 2
48001 Bilbao

16th June


- Web analytics for gaming - Iñaki Gorostiza (Novisline)

- Gamification on Media - Juan Larzabal (1001 Medios)

- Educational games: Wizbee – The Learning Platform - Javier Bello & Kepa Iturrioz (Wizbee)

- Kinect and Gesture Interfaces: Enjoy with your projects - Ricardo González Madariaga (Vilau)

- We have the TV content. Do you have a game? - Lontzo Sainz (EiTB)




- Retrogaming - Josetxu Malanda (Retroacción)

- Gamer Communties Management - Juan Ignacio Martínez (AERCO)

- hitzApp – The Basque app for learning foreign languages - Javier Bello & Kepa Iturrioz (Wizbee)

- From 0 to 1,000,000 downloads: How to build a successful App - Joaquin Grech (Echoboom Apps)

- We have the TV content. Do you have a game? - Lontzo Sainz (EiTB)


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Dante Simpson - Eon Interactive

Dante Simpson

As digital platforms continue to outgrow expectation, the need for consumer interaction, through games and the networks and channels they provide, has exploded. The strength of this network, and the necessary relationships its created, has created a fresh view of engagement for the consumer. From the identification of social gaming, consumer gaming and competitive gaming, these channels are developing gaming concepts and the way its consumer digest information. Eon Interactive works to speak for these gamers, while simultaneously giving brands a premiere voice within this distinctive space.

Start Up 2.0 Competition Awards

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