2009 edition


24 th April   25 th April
09:15 Welcome and introduction 10:00 Workshops
09:30 Interactive panel discussion 1, “Engaging with creative content producers”
Pim Betist, Sellaband
Nir Offir, iamnews
Marc van Woudenberg, Amsterdamize
12:30 Interactive panel discussion 3, “How to make a successful and profitable videowebsite”

Charlie Cannell, AMV-BBDO
Grabiele Gresta, Digital Magics
Gilles Babinet, Eyeka
Nuño Valenzuela, SEO Head Grupo MuchoViaje- Grupo Planeta

11:30 Coffee Break 13:50 Startup 2.0 prize-giving and closing ceremony
12:15 Startup 2.0 Competition 11:00 OpenStreetMap

Lawyer Communities, privacy and law

Speakers’ Corner
why not create a page on Facebook

13:30 Euro Blog Awards 11:00 EVE Online’s players’ council

Competencias Digitales

Designing the next web

Hallo! Community for Dutch entrepreneurs

14:00 Lunch 14:00 Lunch
16:00 Interactive panel discussion 2, “Next on video on the net”

Javier Alonso, Youtube

Ferran Capo, Dailymotion

Pilar Santamaría, Cisco Systems

Eduardo Pérez “Hombre lobo”, Videoweb videocreators group
17:30 Developer Garage
19:00 EiTB Bilbao Headquarters building Guided Tour
20:00 Kiss Night Party